Customized Facial Treatments

The Must-Have's

The J'ADORE Classic Facial: 50 mins

Designed to cleanse and enhance the skin overall with a mild exfoliation and a pampering mask enriched with antioxidants and beneficial ingredients. Ideal for clients of all skin types, looking for that “Healthy Glow” customized to the client’s skin’s needs. Therapist will choose products related to client’s skins concerns.  



The Works

Skin Perfecting Peels: 30 mins

Optimal skin resurfacing peels that treat any skin concerns that are customized to the client’s needs and concerns. To bump up the treatment boosters and enhancers can be applied.  



Boosters and Enhancers:

(Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Anti-Oxidant, Stem Cell)


Microneedling: 50 mins

Collagen induction therapy that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny sterile needles in order to boost collagen, target fine line and wrinkles, reduce acne scarring & dark spots.  


LED Light Facial: 30 mins 

Noninvasive light therapy that uses light technology which manipulates colors which address a specific skin concern. Red light tightens and tones the skin while speeding up natural collagen and fibroblast. Blue light kill P. bacteria that causes acne on the epidermis. 


O2 Bubbly Facial: 50 mins

A sensational facial that contains the power of oxygen to stimulate the senses with foaming burst technology. This treatment uses fruit enzymes and plant stem cells to create a natural glow that fights the signs of aging. Great for all skin types but mostly those with aging skin. 


LED & Perfecting Peel: 50 mins 

A dual treatment that uses a combination of chemical exfoliation customized to the client, paired with the treatment of light therapy including red, blue, green and yellow light great for all skin types especially those with acne and aging skin. 



Add On Treatments 

Lip Enhancement Treatment


- Light Exfoliation Scrub

- Vitamin C Serum

- Lip Plumping Topical

Lifting Eye Treatments 


Eye Cream & Refreshing Eye Mask

Hand and Arm Massage (15 min)


-Add to any 30 min peel and LED Treatment

Boosters and Enhancers


-Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

- May be applied to any product or peel

Neck and Décolleté Treatment


- Mild Exfoliation with Mask & Serum

Ultra-Sonic Exfoliation (10 min)


- Ultra-Sonic Waves Removing Dead Skin Layers

Ultra-Sonic Serum Penetration (10min)


- Ultra-Sonic Waves delivering products onto a deeper level of skin

Biomolecular Sheet Mask (15 min)


The unique, hydrating hydrogel mask infuses skin with a fusion of volcanic water, ginseng root extract, amino acids and antioxidants for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. Increasing hydration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, brightening and rejuvenating skin.

Lifts, brightens and hydrates skin after only ONE application.


Microdermabrasion: 50 mins

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals to exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. 


Advanced Microdermabrasion & Peel: 60 mins

The combination of microdermabrasion and a peel is a great solution for skin rejuvenation. It improves the tone, texture and complexion of your skin!


Ultra-Sonic Facial: 50 mins

A specialty facial that uses ultra-sonic waves to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis. Also, uses the power of iontophoresis to penetrate serums and products deeper in the skin. While feeding the skin with a power house of nutrients. Ideally for all skin types and concerns.